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code projected on a woman
Photo by ThisIsEngineering via Pexels
Quote Frederick Brooks

By lack of a better name I've called this category projects. In it I'm going to group all the things I tinker on while coding. Maybe I can get advise from the million of coders that are better than me, or maybe help the millions of coders that aren't yet better than me.

My sons are now between 7 and 17 so I will explain what I'm doing as if you know nothing about the subject and aimed at the level of a 12 year old. It will be a little bit lame for the oldest and a little to much for the youngest but he'll grow into it by the time he's as old as Damian in the middle.

Each project will get the name of a Flemish town in alphabetical order. This way I can keep them apart and my boys learn their geography without them even knowing. ( hmmm maybe I shouldn't have written that )