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Artist's impression of the AVG logo
Icon by dAKirby309 (Michael) via icon-icons

To be quite blunt AVG isn't anything extra ordinary. It is an anti-virus program that does what it advertises like so many of its kind. What does make it worth mentioning is the fact that they offer a pretty decent free version to people. Sure you might not get the last updates right away but the virus definitions are usually between 12 and 24h later than for paying costumers. So yeah you are still better of with a paid version but if you have a charity, a school with NO budget or an old computer your grandkids only play on when they visit, then this is a possible solution. Going to battle with a rusty revolver and 3 bullets isn't ideal but it sure beats going out there with your bare hands. 

After years of being forced to use the free version I never had any complaints. This year, we had some breathing room and I wanted to thank them so we got the paid version for the family ( 10 licenses ) . It set us back the average price of a Netflix or Disney+ year subscription. But in return I got anti virus that doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl, a VPN, registry optimizer and anti tracking software. - Free-antivirus - Download - Ultimate - Order

If you have the money I can also highly recommend BitDefender.

But of course a Porsche will be faster than a Volkswagen. I do this ShoutOut because I think AVG offers the most bang for the buck.