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Old logo from the ElSven days

After 7 years we're finally back. Sometimes you just have to choose what's best for the family and I continued my hobby on a localhost ( see Xampp )  But the apple didn't fall far from the tree and now my sons have taken up coding themselves. With a hosting that's about as expensive as a loaf of bread each month I saw a way to challenge their interests.

I've started with giving each one of us 20% of the space and did or guided them through a fresh Joomla install.

I figured setting up and maintaining a blog would be the ideal first step as a webmaster. Sure, I could have made a website for them from scratch but I don't see the point. If the content is going to be in a blog form, why not use a decent, free and popular CMS like Wordpress or Joomla.

Even with minimal knowledge and a lot of experimenting you can get a solid website going. I let them be and help them when they are so stuck they are willing to ask their dad for help ( stubborn bunch, wonder where they get that from )  

Besides some hands-on experience with a CMS never looks bad on a resume in their future.

This part of my website is also built with Joomla 4 so I could get the hang of the update and use it as my little sandbox to experiment with. If any of you are wondering this is a plain vanilla install with a copy of the default Cassiopeia theme that I edited through a user.css file.

Anyway make sure to update the bookmark ( if you still have it ) has become Next year we'll probably drop the old domain name again but we needed it back to clear up some loose strings. is here to stay, more news .... later.

Cup of coffee and a laptop
Photo by Pixabay via Pexels (CC0)