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Quote by Lauren Bacall Photo by Yew Hui Tan via Pexels
Quote by Lauren Bacall
Photo by Yew Hui Tan via Pexels

My apologies for the programmer pun, but that was the first thing I ever programmed and it felt right.

I've been an internaut for roughly 25 years now and I wanted my own place again. We were forced to take down a couple years ago but now we're back.  Els & Sven have now become the family D'Hooghe-Windeit so was born. My eldest boys each have their own website and Els can finally get back to writing down all those recipes for when they are cooking.

Besides teaching them how to do that, I am always tinkering on several projects. 

  • Learning (improving ) to edit videos ( see Shotcut ) to help Damian on his quest for a YouTube channel
  • Learning GIMP . It's a free alternative to Photoshop but I'm still trying to unlearn everything I picked up from CorelDRAW, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop during the years. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in '22. Sorry Adobe I can't afford your software (400€ is a bit much) .
  • Refreshing PHP and learning version 8 - Check out projects in the future. I'll publish them when they're ready
  • Learning SAP. I would really like to learn this software to improve my resume but it isn't easy to find sources that aren't a money scam
  • Learning to make 3D models ( see TinkerCad ) so I can teach myself how to print them on a 3d printer
  • Learning Ubuntu. Many old computers are still in good working condition but not everybody can afford to upgrade in time. At that point I reinstall them with Lubuntu so they can still be used for surfing, media watching or simple administration. Occasionally I do this as a volunteer for schools or a NGO
  • Trying to build my own game. Just something I've always wanted to do as a gamer.

You'll find post about these projects in that category.

Whenever a project is finished I'll post in the news category.

Lastly I'm trying to group together a bunch of links I saved through the years that could be handy for many people. I will only cover either free online tools or free/shareware, the commercial software gets enough coverage. I won't do top 10 of this and that, just regular feedback after I tried it myself. No ads that turn out to be trial ware or very limited packages. I will link to the official site but always be careful what you download from anywhere.